Our Residential Drug Abuse Program:
Effective, Affordable Treatment

River City Recovery Center is a social model recovery program. The primary emphasis is on the shared experience of addiction and recovery as between staff and residents and between the individual residents themselves. Here you will have a dedicated team working on your behalf. All of our counselors have gone through residential treatment themselves and 90% are graduates of the River City Recovery program. They know the fear, as you walk in the door, and the freedom that comes from successful recovery.

With the trained staff serving as a guide (rather then a clinician who “diagnoses” and “prescribes” a course of treatment), the goal is to have each resident uncover, discover and recover for him/herself.

To this end, we offer a highly structured program of education and counseling. Residents receive an intensive education on the physical, psychological, social and spiritual effects of alcoholism and chemical dependency. We have developed a thorough curriculum that includes the medical implications of substance abuse, emotional and spiritual recovery, relapse prevention, anger management, family aspects and goal setting. Residents receive both group and individual counseling, wherein we employ selected elements of cognitive behavior therapy. Many people with an addiction also have associated issues, such as anxiety, depression or trauma related problems. Because of this, we ensure that you have personnel onsite 24-hours a day.

The ability to stop drinking or using in a recovery setting is of little value unless one learns how to “stay stopped.” Thus, as a 12-Step-oriented program, we introduce residents to the principles and experience of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.

Substance abuse is not a “victimless” disease. We encourage participation by each resident’s available family members and friends. Family groups are held at midweek and on the weekend

Whether you are addicted to opiates or alcohol or have a multi-substance addiction, our residential drug abuse program will help you and your family.

All of our treatment staff are licensed or credentialed in addiction. We also make sure that our support staff all understand the personal challenges that are an integral part of recovery.